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Cave and the Vamp



Cave and the Vamp
by: C. C. Blake

In this supernatural thriller, tough guy Chuck Cave meets the mysterious Morven who tells him simply,"I need your help." Together they get caught up in a wild adventure to help save Morven's sister, Rhianne.

A maniac killer that thinks he is a vampire hunter and that his job is to capture, torture and kill women he believes are vampires has taken Rhianne and only Chuck Cave's dark side can find her before she too is murdered.

The story delivers action, romance and thrills in the pulp-fiction style that C. C. Blake has become so well known for.

"Cave and the Vamp" first appeared in Vampires 2 magazine but this edition has been superchargeed with new non-stop action scenes and is about four times as long as the original. C.C. Blake says he had a ball writing it and we are convinced you will enjoy reading it.

About C. C. Blake

He is an action writer. That is his favorite mode of storytelling action, action, and more action. People doing things. Often nasty things. Often to other people. Some of whom actually deserve the nastiness, some of whom don’t. Blake writes about the world as he sees it, and moreover how he’d like to see it. There’s darkness in his fiction, but more often than not there’s a lighter side too. Don’t worry, He won’t try to convert you to his politics or religion. That’s not his bag. What his bag is, is writing the new pulp.